About Us


Lola Nurmivaara, international business professional and mom.

Over the years, I have traveled over 2,000,000 miles and visited more than 30 countries.

I am an entrepreneur, a wife and a mom. I am always on the go.  I basically live in my car for most part of the day whether on my way to a business meeting, a volunteer activity at my daughter’s school, running errands around town, or taking my daughter to one of her numerous after school activities, play dates or birthday parties.

I am continuously looking for ways to make my life easier and healthier. I have learned a lot over the years but I still have much more to learn. I want to share ideas and tricks that work for me but also want to hear what works for you.

Sue Thompson, expert juggler and business woman.

Yes, I’m an on the go expert! No, I’m not the best at anything but I live the lifestyle that summarizes many modern women. Always going and active, a non-stop changing of hats all the time, juggling, organizing & making it all happen. Yes… so I really like shortcuts, hacks, convenience, some style, and things that are practical.  

I love my kids, I like to work, and for both of these I go here and there all day long!  I’ve lived abroad & in the South, North & Midwest US.  I’m a fan of the West and of all beaches & mountains.  

Let’s connect, share ways to alleviate pain points, simplify, streamline, and make our lives healthier, happier, and easier on the go – so we continue to enjoy the ride!