It's that time again....get them ready for a great back to school start

...And in the blink of an eye we are back to school....

I am one of those people that takes advantage of every vacation day. This year we came back from Europe just 2 days before school started. Having a strategy to minimize jet lag and last minute rush shopping for school supplies is fundamental if we want to start with the right foot. These are some of the tricks and tips I have used this year. If you have more tips and ideas please don't forget to add them in the comments section. I still have a lot to learn.

Jet-lag: When traveling from east to west chances are you will wake up at 3am for the next few days. Then feel tired during the day. In order to minimize this make sure you drink plenty of water and have a light diet during the day. This will help you avoid the urge to sleep after lunch. If needed take a small nap but avoid long 3 hours naps or you will not be tired at night. Make sure the kids are active but not too active for the next few days.  That way they will stay awake but not exhausted and moody.


School supplies: I actually make sure I buy the school supplies before I leave. I like to do it right after the school ends. Nobody is in the school supplies section and you can find great bargains. If possible I take advantage of the online ordering as well.

Uniforms: Seeing your kids grow you have an idea of how much they will grow by the end of the summer so I make sure I get the uniforms ready before I leave. 

The Night before: We do something fun but not too exciting like going to the kids favorite restaurant or enjoy a movie. When saying good night I am not reminding them that tomorrow is a school day. I don't want their minds to be wondering for hours. They need to fall sleep and have a good night sleep.

School bag:  I like to go over the school bag the night before. Leave the empty lunch box and the bottle of water next to the backpack so they are handy in the morning. I put a sweater (yes, it is still summer but A/C can be really cold in some classes), hand sanitizer, a rain coat (look at these super compact and cute one from GoTravel)




and My Little Helper by SaniGirl sanitary funnels. You don't know them? They are fantastic for little girls. They are paper funnels that the girls can use when they need to go to the bathroom so they do not have to sit down. At my daughter school boys and girls share the class bathroom and wet seat happens. See more in their site www.sanigirl.com.



The day of: Put your alarm a bit earlier than needed. This will give you extra time to be totally ready before waking up the kids just in case there are first day delays...Kids need a couple of days to learn back the morning routine. Starting the morning in control will lead to a good start of the day. Arriving on time will set up your kinds on the right set of mind.

After drop off: It is up to you. Send us a comment and let us know if you went to the beach, run to the office, or took a nap.






Ready for Lollapalooza? Simply plan for a great time!

Lollapalooza is coming right up! Aug. 3-6, 2017. Take a few minutes to plan & get what you need now - with these KEY tips.

The fest will draw about 400,000 festival goers from near & far again this year! That's about 100,000 per day in Grant Park between 11 am - 10 pm.   Here are our 15 top tips to plan now for what you need to do & take for a smooth & fun 4 days!

1.       Logistics – Decide how you are getting to and from each day:

Driving is not ideal for the obvious: traffic into/out of the city, & designated driver. But if those aren’t problems for you, I suggest going now to this link for Spot Hero (or download their app) https://spothero.com/chicago/lollapalooza-parking just clic - buy your parking now! Not only is it cheaper, but then you just save the link or address and GPS it! You are already paid and have your space and know exactly where to go. Super easy and convenient.

A Lolla Shuttle  - This is a great option, just go to their cool site and book one. They have a ton of  options, and even ride sharing people can list their car space (cheap, & do it now for early reserv. disc).   https://lollapaloozachicago.myfanzone.com/?utm_source=Lollapalooza&utm_medium=Website&utm_campaign=LPClink#/event/43796/getting_there/transportation_products/?dest_address=%2B041.85,-087.63&date=2017-08-03

Public Transport - Chicago has great public transportation. Here are the links to CTA (Chicago Transit Auth.) http://www.transitchicago.com/  for in and around the area and airports, and for Metra, in from the suburbs https://metrarail.com/

2. Register for Lolla Cashless Now! It’s free & easy to set up. Just go to this link to activate your wristband, link it to a debit or credit card and create a pin number.  Then at the festival you can just tap your wristband and enter your pin # to pay for all of your food, drinks and merchandise! No need to carry around a bunch or cash & credit cards.  https://www.lollapalooza.com/wristband/

We know the festival and we know what us girls may need on the go! Buy the essentials to take with you now.

3. It’s a long few days so we definitely say take an easy to carry backpack, or fanny pack. Yes, they will check your bag, but we've only waited maybe 5 mins in the bag check lineFestiPrep has some good options  https://festiprep.com/collections/fanny-pack


There will be crowds everywhere, it will be HOT, and you will be there many hours!  SO... take these things to keep you HAPPY and having FUN!

4.       SaniGirl - This is the item that you will be happiest to have!  The best way for women (Venus) & young girls (My Little Helper) to to deal with high traffic public bathrooms and portapotties! This product will keep you clean and germ free. These are convenient, easy to use disposable funnels to go to the bathroom standing at ease!  No squatting, no contact with surfaces, no germs!. They are super compact and can easily fold and fit in your pocket, ready to pop open and use. Pack of 10 $7.99 or buy 3 packs and save Plus free shipping.  www.sanigirl.com  ships same/next day.  

 5.       Collapsible Water Bottle - It will be hot, and you’ll be in the crowd, dancing, and walking alot! Make sure you stay hydrated with water.  You can take in up to 2 unopened bottles of water (less than 1 liter each).  Also take a Camelbak, or an empty collapsible water bottle. There are free water filling stations inside. Get one with a clip to hang on your bag or belt loop. They sell them everywhere, these you can find at Walmart.

6.       Wipes for everything!Savvy Travelers has really awesome wipes and a great selection to keep everything clean & fresh!! Wipes for your hands, deodorant, booty, makeup wipes, surfaces, electronics, etc. Individual packs are the way to go at a festival. https://www.savvytravelers.com/

7.       Sunscreen – 4 days - plan for sun!  These are great and small to take. Reminder, Lollapalooza does not allow any aerosol cans inside.  

FACE - This one is fantastic, doubles as coverage, & your face won’t melt off or break out. Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 30-50 - the Mini Size is perfect ($15 online retailers) BODY – Get individual packs of Sunscreen such as these.. Sunscreen Lotion By Sunx Spf30+, 10 Packets - $6

8.      Oil Control Blotting Tissues – For long days & nights these are GREAT and help keep you looking good! Just touch your face to remove shine and help keep makeup in place. Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissuesor Zon Cosmedix Blotting Tissues are some we like. Little packs are good and they just pop out 1 at a time. (pack of 65 – 100 are $6-$7).

9.      Phone &  Portable Phone Charger – don’t forget the charger. Find compact good ones just about anywhere. Charge and take. This one from Go Travel is super sleek and light. They also have it in funky colors. 



10.       Sunglasses - Your go-to faves for all day. 

11.       Wristbands, ID, cash and credit card.. 

AND... Don't forget your PERSONAL STYLE! Get your festival fashion ready to go & wear comfortable shoes!  

12.13.14... What else? Your usual touch up makeup that you fit in all the time,  a few more wet-ones hand wipes, & a lil' pack of Advil ! Oh, and Don't loose your friends there - always stay together!

15.        Map out your stages & times ahead of time https://www.lollapalooza.com/schedule/.

We hope you find our tips helpful! Share this with your friends!

If you have other go-to items for prep and take -  share them with us! 

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