Top 15 Stocking Stuffers for the on-the-go Girl

It’s that time of the year again. The time of joy and gifting! I am a very practical person so when choosing stocking stuffers I try to get items that the person will really enjoy and use. My favorites are items for the on-the-go situations. I personally spend a lot of time out of my home. I drive my daughter to her numerous activities, drive from business meeting to business meeting, or run errands around town. I might leave home in the morning and not return until dinner time or later.
These are my top choices for on-the-go stocking stuffers. I suggest buying items #1-#9 and put them into #10 and give to your friends all together!

1. Wipes. I am a huge fan of wipes! Hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, deodorant, and make up remover are my favorites that I always carry around. I really like the ones from Savvy Travelers

Pack of 10 is only $10.00

2. Band-Aids. You never know when you get a cut or a blister but having these around is a must.
3. Antibiotic ointment. A must to pair with the Band-Aids.
4. Nail file. I use to buy a file every time I stepped out of the house but now I just carry it with me. I found these super cute mini emery boards on Amazon. Pack of 12 for $5.89

ZCollection files

5. Lip balm or lipstick. Makes me feel pretty and fresh even if I have been on the road for hours.
6. Tissues. Don’t leave home without them!
7. Toothbrush and paste. Best way to still feel fresh away from home. Colgate wisp are great disposable ones to have on-the-go. This 24pack is 4.09 at Target

8. SaniGirl. This is an absolute must of course if you are out of your home over 2 hours. Just put some in your purse or in the beauty pouch and you don’t have to worry about bathroom time. These amazing funnels allow you to stand and pee so you don’t have to squat, or touch any germy surface. SaniGirl comes in 2 sizes: Venus for women over 12 and My Little Helper for girls 11 and younger. It is discreet, convenient and clean.
They are $7.99 for a pack of 10 funnels or $7.49 per pack of 10 when you buy the 3 pack bundle. We have free shipping for order of 3 packs or more.

9. Hair brush. Yes, a quick retouch on your hair and you are good as new and ready to keep rolling. These are $12.99 for a pack of 3 in Amazon. The Wet Brush is really great for all, and will not rip thru knots on sensitive heads.

10. Essentials kit bag. This is a slim and compact bag that I take with me in my purse and I fill up with items that can become handy while on-the-go. Fill this bag with items #1-9 like I do and gift away! This is a good mix kit of emergency and beauty!
I found these very cute ones in Amazon. Pack of 6 for $7.99

Ladies beauty bags

11. Water bottle. Cannot live without this item and of course I keep losing them at the bank, at the gym, at the park, etc. So having an extra water bottle is great.
There are many inexpensive options especially if you visit your local discount store
12. Power bank. The mini ones have great capacity and cost around $10.00
I found this cool one for $9.99 at Best Buy

power bank mini


13. Pashmina. I am always cold at the supermarket! Also when taking my daughter to Figure Skating practice. I have one in my car at all times.
I found in Amazon a great collection for $8.59. They have many colors.

14. Kid’s entertainment kit. Gotta love that dollar store. An activity book and some crayons and they are well entertained while you drive around town.

15. Car mount for your phone. I use Google Maps all the time. I used to keep the phone on the seat or on my lap but that was quite distracting. I have tried a couple of car mounts that I was not crazy about. The suction cup was not very reliable and wherever I put it, it seemed to disturb my view. Last week my husband got me this one for $9.99 and I might say I am very impressed. I can put it on the air vent so it does not obstruct my view and it is very easy to use.

car mount for phone

Happy Holidays!!!!