Ultra Music Fest.

Ultra Music Festival - Girls here is what you need to take!

Girls on the Go to Miami Music Week – Ultra Music Festival – here is what you need to take in your lil’ “purse”

We live here – we know the festival and we know what us girls may need on the go!

1.       A clear bag – Ultra has a clear bag policy https://ultramusicfestival.com/info/clear-bag-policy/ Yes, you might get in with another type of bag, but you might not – It will all depend on the security person at that time.  Just take a clear bag. I found a good selection and prices ($10-$15) at Clear Handbags.comand this pink one is Walmart.com


2.       SaniGirl - This is the item that you will be happiest to have!  The best way to to deal with gross public bathrooms and portapotties! This product will keep you clean and germ free. These are convenient, easy to use disposable funnels for girls to go to the bathroom standing up. They are super compact and can easily fold and fit in your pocket, ready to pop open and use. Pack of 10 $7.99 or buy 3 packs and save Plus free shipping.  www.sanigirl.com  ships same/next day.  Go anywhere you want to go and never worry about the bathroom again!

 3.       Collapsible Water Bottle - Miami is hot! And you’ll be in the crowd – make sure you stay hydrated with water. Take an empty collapsible water bottle. There are free water filling stations inside Ultra. Get one with a clip to hang on your purse or belt loop. These you can find at Walmart.

4.       Wipes for everything! – Savvy Travelers has a great selection – Stay clean & fresh. Wipes for your hands, deodorant, booty, makeup wipes, surfaces, electronics, etc. Individual packs are the way to go when you are traveling or have small bags.

5.       Sunscreen – Miami is Sun capital & HUMID!    FACE - My derm gave me a sample and sold me on this one it is fantastic for Miami – your face won’t melt off or break out. Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 30 Sunscreen Brush – at many online retailers such as Amazon (about $60 it lasts and is worth it). BODY – Get individual packs of Sunscreen for your body such as these.. Sunscreen Lotion By Sunx Spf30+, 10 Packets - $6

6.  Oil Control Blotting Tissues – For long days & nights in South Florida these are GREAT and help keep you looking good! Just touch your face to remove shine and help keep makeup in place. Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Absorbing Tissuesor Zon Cosmedix Blotting Tissues are some I like. They little packs are good and they just pop out 1 at a time, and they last at 65 – 100 per pack between $6-$8 per pack.

7.      Phone &  Portable Phone Charger – don’t forget the charger. Find compact good ones just about anywhere. Charge and take. 

8.       Sunglasses - Your go-to favs & Ultra Diffraction Glasses

9.       Cash, tickets & ID. All are must haves. Don’t wait for ATM’s - take cash with you & back up credit card.

10.   Other Makeup – Your usual touch up’s that you fit in all the time!.

Enjoy Ultra Miami!!! Rave On! Save and share this quick and easy guide with your friends!